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March is here!  Did you know that until 1752 MARCH was the first month of the calendar year here in the United States and many places around the globe?  Historically, March was the first month of the year dating back into ancient Roman times.  However, by the beginning of the nineteenth century, January replaced March as the opening of the calendar year.   (This is according to the Gregorian Calendar.)

Maritus or Mars (Ares) is the namesake of March.  Mars (Ares) is the Roman god of war.  March denoted the time that winter ended and the earth could be seen again, therefore, it was a good time to begin military campaigns throughout the ancient world!  The connection to “lion and lamb” about March’s entrance comes from this ancient belief: Old Man Winter is doing battle with the Young Warrior of Spring for control of the earth!

Because the ground was now visible, March became the month of Marbles!  Yes, Marbles is the game of the month!  Historians believe Marbles grew out of clearing stones so that seeds could be planted.  Some suggest that Marbles is also related to rolling eggs along a path!

From the beginning of Christianity, March has always been associated with Lent.  The daffodil, jonquil, and narcissus are the flowers of the month.  They open in a way that resembles the sun in an equinox position, and most often these blooms are gone by Easter.  At this time, the long, graceful, white lily replaces the daffodil in the field.  Mmm…this could be a Lenten prayer association: during Lent our souls unfold slowly reflecting the rays of grace. (Daffodil)  Then at last on Easter Sunday, we are robed in the beauty of a new view of life. (Lily)

So as Lent reaches the halfway mark, we can focus on unfolding more opportunities to pray, to reflect, and to share just as Jesus invites us to do as we follow Him!


In today’s Family Envelope you will find the Reservation Coupon for the International Dinner.  Please make your reservations early!

Don’t forget to return the Volunteer Sheet that was sent home last week.

Entertainment for the evening is going to showcase our revived OLM Band, special Choir groups, and Cheerleaders.  IF, your son or daughter would like to perform, please contact the School Office or Mrs. Nenita Stevens.

The evening, April 13th, will be a wonderful gathering of family and friends!

2013 ~ 2014

Friday is March 8th.  This is the date on the Re-Registration Packets that our families received!  Please return the completed forms and the Registration/Student Fee to the School Office.

Thank you again to our families who are making referrals!  Let’s put on our Bulldog Spirit as we reach for that student number announced at our State of the School Meeting – 425! AS the Registrations come in – on time – we can make a count to see our progress.  Kindergarten acceptances are doing well!  Yea!


For the Week of March 4, 2013

  • Karina Bernardo, 1A
  • Dominic Chiappari, 1A
  • Leanna Akubkhader, 4A
  • Vanessa Gan, 5A
  • Stephen Blecha, 6B
  • John Regidor, 7B


Hooray!   Hooray!  Hooray!

On Sunday, March 3rd, our seven girl-spirit team trekked over to El Camino High School to participate in a Cheerleader Competition.  These young ladies were amazing – so were their supporters in the bleachers!  OLM Cheerleaders took First Place in Jr. High Cheer; First Place in Jr. Hi Cheer/Dance AND!

Walked away with the Overall Spirit Award.  (This is given to the squad who demonstrates the most spirit and positive support for the day’s events!)

WOW!  Congratulations!  Special thanks to Mrs. Moroney and Ms. Simpson for all their coaching!  Blessings to the parents and big sister who added so much support!


Christopher Gotuaco and Ronald Santos, Class of 2013 were honored by Riordan High School on Tuesday evening.  They are part of an elite group of potential students known as St. Francis Scholars. This honor is based on scoring well on the Placement Exam and exhibiting strong initiative and Christian Leadership skills in their interviews.

If Christopher and Ronald accept, they will join several OLM grads already in this very unique scholar program at Riordan High School.

Yahoo!  Good job boys!  Good work teachers!  Job well-done Parents!


  • First Reconciliation is Saturday, March 9th at 10:30am in Our Lady of Mercy Church
  • Monday, March 18th is NOON DISMISSAL.  There is a Teacher In-Service program in the afternoon
  • ˆDon’t forget --- Turn the clock ahead ~ Spring Forward ~ at 2:00am Sunday, March 10th!  (Yes, loss of sleep happens)ˆ
  • The Knights of Columbus Council is still accepting Reservations for their St. Patrick’s Day Dinner on Saturday, March 16th.  Forms are in the Office if you misplaced yours.
  • Do you have an hour at 11:00am on Wednesdays?  Mrs. Llemos needs a driver to pick up Hot Lunch from Chipotle (Westlake Center).  Leave your name with Sr. Eileen or Mrs. Hogan in the Office.
  • Tonight, Wednesday, at 7:00pm, Bishop Justice will be speaking in the Church Hall.  His special Lenten address will focus on following Jesus during Lent.  (Free of Charge)

Prayer Requests

During our Lenten journey, 
we take time to pray for:

  • †The repose of the souls of Mrs. Chongco’s aunt and grandfather ~ May the angels greet them
  • †The repose of the soul of Mr. and Mrs. Gotuaco’s sister-in-law ~ May she rest peacefully in God’s care
  • †The repose of the soul of the Bustamante family’s grandfather ~ May he be welcomed into God’s waiting arms
  • †Mr. Gerald Bucci, son of Mr. & Mrs. Al Bucci ~ Strengthen his spirit
  • †For the Class of 2013 as they anticipate their High School acceptances ~ Inspire their visions
  • †For each School Family ~ Hear their prayers and encourage their hopes
  • †The many special benefactors of our School ~ Reward their generosity
  • †The Second Graders preparing to receive First Reconciliation ~ Listen to their hearts

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