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The entire athletic program is self-supporting thus fees charged are set according to the cost of running the program (including league and gym fees, equipment and uniforms).

Team Selections and Participation Rule
Everyone Plays! There are no cuts at OLM! When there are enough sign-ups to field more than one team, a team placement practice is held. The purpose of the team placement is to give players a chance to be seen by all the coaches. Each players ability is matched with others of a similar ability. Input from the coaches and the athletic advisor is considered and the athletic director makes the final roster decisions. When done correctly, it makes for an exciting season because teams are evenly matched and games can be close. Third grade is usually an exception to this as the divisions in 3rd grade are not divided by skill level. Team placements may be waived and teams selected by the athletic director at his discretion. No player is guaranteed placement on a team they played on the previous year or season.

Students of Our Lady of Mercy School and students of Our Lady of Mercy CCD Program are eligible to participate in the program. Any exceptions must be reviewed by the Principal, Athletic Director and approved by CYO.

Contracts signed by parents along with the entrance fee must be submitted by the deadline in order for a student to be on the team. If a student has been suspended from school or is absent from school, he/she may not participate in any practices or games until he/she returns to school. The responsibility of termination for failing grades or disciplinary reasons resides with the Principal.

All eligible OLM players must first turn in a seasonal sports contract by the designated due date. Students who turn in their contracts late will be placed on a team only if there is space available. A non-refundable sports fee is due with each contract. Contracts without a fee will be returned.

The sports contracts are sent out approximately 2 months ahead of the season so that an adequate number of teams can be entered into the leagues. If a contract is turned in late, it may or may not be accepted based on the availability of roster spaces on teams.

Practices should be no longer than two hours and usually no more than twice a week. The practice schedule is determined by the availability of the coach and practice facility. The athletic director coordinates the practice scheduling.

Getting there... Plan to arrive at all games at least 30 minutes before game time. If the team is playing at one of the downtown San Francisco sites with limited parking, leave to be there even earlier. If the required number of players are not present at game time, a forfeit will be called. The parents of the late players may be charged the forfeit fee imposed on OLM by the league.

PLAN AHEAD - a forfeit not only affects our team and families but also the other team and families. Keep in mind that the sports program is for the children. Support should be given for BOTH teams. Booing is rude, uncalled for and unacceptable whether it be directed toward the other team of the officials.

After the Game
Remember to congratulate both teams on the game. Acknowledge the good effort your child puts into the game. Make it a learning experience, win or loose.

League Schedules
The league is responsible for scheduling of the games. The athletic director can forward requests regarding scheduling specific to a coaches needs, however nothing is guaranteed. School functions and religious functions requiring the children’s attendance are the only guaranteed no play dates. Otherwise, teams and coaches should be ready to play any day of the week. Schedules are usually given to athletic directors the week of the first game.

Boys Sports

Boys Sports

  • CYO Soccer (September - November)
  • CYO & Daly City Basketball (January - March)
  • SFPSBL Baseball (March - June)

Girls Sports

Girls Sports

  • CYO Volleyball (September - November)
  • DC Basketball (January - March)
  • CYO Basketball (March - June)

Mrs. Tonia Moe

Director of Athletics

Contact Information:
Phone: (650) 756-3395 x 34

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