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In order to attain our goals, players, parents and coaches have certain responsibilities.

Player Responsibilities:

  • Maintain passing academic and citizenship grades in school.
  • Play on the team as selected by the Athletic Director.
  • Players dropping from teams will be referred to the Athletic Director for disciplinary penalties, which may include ineligibility to participate in future activities.
  • Players participating in other programs must honor their commitment to O.L.M. and avoid time conflicts.
  • Always do your best. ear the proper uniform to practice and games.
  • Attend and be on time for all practices and games.
  • Call your coach a minimum of 48 hours in advance whenever you cannot attend practice or a game
  • Behave before, during and after all practices and games.
  • Practice skills at home.
  • Athletic skills can only be perfected by practicing on your own. Respect your opponent.
  • Shake hands after every game. Respect all league and school officials.
  • Exemplify excellent sportsmanship.
  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.
  • Return uniforms cleaned, after each sport season.

Parents Responsibilities:

  • Attend the games.
  • Arrange transportation to and from games and practices for your child.
  • Review the Responsibilities For Players with your child.
  • Encourage your child to have a good attendance record.
  • See that your child has the proper uniform.
  • Respect the official.
  • Return uniforms cleaned, after each sport season.
  • Be examples of good Christian behavior and conduct to your child.
  • Any OLM parent, spectator or adult who is ejected from a game, by a league official, will not be allowed to attend at least the next two games his/her child is participating in.
  • Keep all negative comments to yourself.
  • Do not approach you coach during or after a game with a complaint.
  • Talk to him/her at least 24 hours later. Give time to cool down.

Head Coaches Responsibilities:

  • Maintain consistent contact with the Athletic Director.
  • Communicates with her/his assistant coaches.
  • Is present at all games and practices (only assigned assistant coaches may substitute).
  • Follows all school and league rules.
  • Teaches to ALL players.
  • Treat all players fairly.
  • Attends all mandatory pre-season coaches meetings.
  • Teach the fundamentals, skills and the rules of the game.
  • Respect opponents and officials.
  • Enforce the necessary discipline for practices (with parent notification).
  • Reducing participation in games .
  • Suspension from league play with consultation of Athletic Director.
  • Termination from team with consultation of Athletic Director.
  • Ensure that all players who fulfill their responsibilities play in every game (according to OLM participation rules).
  • OLM sponsored teams may play in authorized tournaments and games only.
  • Follow OLM policy regarding presentation of awards.

Award Policy: Coaches may not present end of the season plaques or trophies to their team. The OLM Athletic Program presents end of the season plaques or trophies to their team. The OLM Athletic Program presents awards for the Most Valuable Player, the Most Inspirational Player and the Most Improved Player at the end of the school year. Coaches can only recommend one player for each award category. No recipient should be told that they will be receiving an award ahead of time.

Assistant Coaches Responsibilities:
Supports Head Coach in all of the following:

  • Communication with the team practices and games.
  • Keeps the scorebook during the game.
  • During Volleyball: Will assist with being a lines person.
  • During Baseball: Will assist with being a base coach.
  • Is present at all games and practices (may act as the head coach if asked to substitute).
  • Follows all school and league rules.
  • Teaches to ALL players.

Team Parent Responsibilities:

  • Assist Head Coach with communications with the team.
  • Organizes after game refreshments for the team.
  • Refreshment guidelines: 1 drink per player (water only); 1 snack item per player (preferably something healthy).
  • During Soccer season: add - sliced oranges at half time.

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