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OLM’s Resource program provides an individualized service to those students requiring extra assistance.  To adapt to the needs of students with learning difficulties, modifications are first made in the regular classroom.  If further assistance is necessary, then enrollment in the Resource program is considered. The program is designed to reinforce classroom concepts, promote study skills and effective time management, provide tutorial aid, furnish a testing environment aimed at increasing concentration, decreasing anxiety and enhance the development of positive self-concepts.  It is the aim of the program to facilitate each student's progress in the regular classroom, providing support to the student, parent, and teachers.
Services offered include small group instruction, one-on-one instruction, and an individualized curriculum if needed. Class size varies depending on the grade level.




Mrs. Dana Sargenti

Resources Specialist

For more information about our Resource program, contact the school office at (650) 756-3395 or email:

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