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Welcome To Our Lady of Mercy

Are you new in our parish?

Welcome to Our Lady of Mercy Parish. Please click here to request a registration form. Although most of our parishioners live right here in Westlake, we also welcome new members from other parts of the area, who choose Our Lady of Mercy to be their spiritual home. If you wish to register by speaking with one of our rectory staff members, please call (650) 755-2727.


As soon as possible, please contact the Rectory for information about our Baptismal Preparation Program.   If this is your first child, we will ask you and your child's sponsors to attend our baptismal prep class, which usually takes place the first Wednesday night of each month.

Our baptisms take place on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m., and 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at 12 noon, unless the family requests that their baby be baptized at the weekend Mass they normally attend.


Baptismal Information Form



Contact the Parish Office SIX MONTHS before your planned Marriage Date to participate in the Marriage Preparation Program of our Community and Archdiocese.




2:30 to 3:00 p.m. -- and by appointment


Sick and Homebound Parishioner Visitation

We have a group of dedicated parishioners who are currently ministering to these members of our community by periodic visits and bringing communion to them to keep them in touch with our praying community. If you know someone who is sick or homebound please feel free to contact our coordinator with their name address and phone and we will place them on our contact list.


Baptismal Certificates / Marriage Certificates

If you need a copy of a Baptismal Certificate or Marriage Certificate from our parish please e-mail us with this request and remember to include your full name - date of the sacrament - mailing address and phone number in case we have questions.


Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma is owned and operated by the Archdiocese of San Francisco.


For information regarding graves, crypts or the Church's guidelines for Christian burial or cremation call:

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Colma at(650) 756-2060.

Holy Cross Cemeteries

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery is a sponsor of our website.


OLM Infant Baptism

Celebrating Infant Baptism at Our Lady of Mercy Parish

(​​Adults interested in joining the Church should check RCIA area.)

Before Jesus ascended, he told his disciples, "Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them everything I have commanded you. Know that I am with you until the end of days." [Matthew 28:19] From that moment, the Church has welcomed new members into its family through Baptism. For almost 2.000 years, people like the original disciples have made the choice to follow Christ and hand on the Faith. As parents bringing your children to this sacrament, you are continuing in this awesome tradition. This undertaking means that you take seriously your own Faith and its practice. It means that you not only value the day of Baptism but the whole process that it involves. You are the TEACHERS that Jesus wants. You are the presence of the Risen Lord for your children first of all. They can see any and every believer in Church, in School, in the media but if you do not give them the example, they wil not be able to make Faith personal. If we, the Church and parents, hand on this Faith to our children, hopefully, they will do the same. This wil help continue the Lord's commission into the ThirdMillennium.



The Preparation

At our parish, parents are asked to attend a meeting with other parents] preparing for the Sacrament. This preparation is not only about the Sacrament of Baptism but also connects families with new born infants together to help build up our community. Since the preparation meeting is oriented toward parent[s] and godparent[s]. we ask that you do not bring your infant or child. Meetings are held monthly one evening at the beginning of the month Please make your arrangements well in advance of the date you would like to celebrate the Sacrament


The Scheduling of Baptism

We celebrate the Sacrament each Sunday after the final Mass of the day at Our Lady of Mercy. The option of choosing to celebrate your baptism at one of the weekend Masses is also a possibility. There is NO SUCH thing as PRIVATE BAPTISM. A Sacrament of the Church and demands a community that is wider than the immediate family. do NOT request this.


The Celebration

There is an opportunity for families celebrating this Sacrament to have an active part in the celebration. This means that you and your guests are encouraged to participate and not simply observe. You may talk with the parish minister about readings, responses, music and other community parts of this celebration.


The Symbols

White Garment

This symbol may be worn to the ceremony or brought and put on the child at the appropriate time of the celebration.


Baptismal Candle

Families may bring a baptismal candle for the CHILD and this may be decorated by family or godparents. A simple taper candle is suggested. The parish will supply this if you choose. Bringing your own is a wonderful to way if you have other children to involve them in the preparation for the celebration.



Since this role is one of support in the Faith it is the policy of the Church that one of the chosen godparents MUST BE A BAPTIZED, PRACTICING CATHOLIC. This only makes sense and the choice of others for this support does not make sense if they are not practicing Catholics themselves.


The Offering

Since this is a special event for the family as well as the parish, a donation to the parish community and priest celebrating the Sacrament is expected. The usual donation is $40.00. Many godparents see this as an opportunity to assist the parent[s] in this way. An envelope will be provided at the time of celebration. Non-parishioners are asked a donation of $60.00.


Discussion Questions for Family Discussion and Parish Preparation

  • What are some of the responsibilities parents and godparents assume after the baby is baptized?

  • What do the symbols of Baptism mean? WATER OIL WHITE GARMENT CANDLE

  • Why do we ask to have our infants Baptized?

  • How can the parents' parish community create a Christian atmosphere for the child as they grow?

  • What things might you do as a FAMILY to foster the growth of the Faith in your home?

  • How will godparents, or if you are going to be a godparent, do for the child and FAMILY?

OLM Marriage

You are getting married!

Our Lady of Mercy Parish

Guidelines for Weddings at OLM


"What God has joined, let no one divide!"


First, of course, you must fall in love with the one person with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life! But of course you knew that already. If you are hoping to have a Catholic wedding, it is important to contact your parish early: there are several steps to help you prepare for this important commitment, and to make sure that there are no impediments to get in the way of your marriage. The Roman Catholic Church requires that all couples contact their parish at least six months before their anticipated wedding date. Except for very extraordinary reasons, the couple should get married in the parish church where the bride or groom currently Worships. If you live here in Westlake, are registered, contributing members of OLM, and celebrate Sunday Mass with us each week, we will be happy to prepare you for your wedding. We cannot schedule a date until you have had a chance to meet with one of our priests and have your first interview with him. If either of you has been married before, no date can be set until we discover if an annulment is possible. If one of you is not Catholic, there must be agreement between you on the religious training of your chidren-this question is even part of your vows. During your meetings with the priest and our wedding coordinator, the following items will be dealt with as you move toward your happy day.


Your wedding check list:

1. During your first appointment with the priest, he gets to know you a little and will then complete Form A with each of you individually. This is a questionnaire that asks you about your freedom to marry (Have you ever been married before?"), your religious status (*Are you now a practicing Roman Catholic?*). your understanding of the vows you will exchange ("Do you intend to be married until death? Are you open to having children and raising them as Catholics?*), and so forth.


2. If the priest discovers that there are no impediments in the way of your wedding (eg. one of you was married previously), he can then speak with you about a date for your celebration. Here at OLM we normally schedule weddings Saturdays at noon -- this allows the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Cross to decorate the church in the morning before your wedding, and it also gives you some time for photographs after the liturgy, before Confessions begin in church at 2:20 p.m.


However, we recently added another option for our parishioners, scheduling weddings at 4:00pm on Sundays as well


3. Each of you will need to ask a family member or close friend to make an appointment with any priest and answer similar questions as a witness. This is called Form B.


4. You will also need to request a recent copy of your baptismal certificate, as part of the proof that you are (a) baptized and (b) free to marry. For Catholics, the church of baptism is informed when you are confirmed, married, ordained, etc., which is why a recent copy is necessary, it will contain notations of any of these sacraments you have received.

5. One of our staff contacts you after your first meeting with the priest and asks you to come in for the FOCCUS, a questionnaire aimed at helping you get to know each other even better. It touches on areas that every married couple will have to face: money, in-laws, sex, religion, work. communication, problem-solving, and raising children. Once the FOCCUS results come back, the priest invites you back to discuss them in person.


6. A staff member will then call you to set up your Marriage Preparation Classes. These are offered right here in the parish and are led by couples who have received special training through the Archdiocese of San Francisco. You and other engaged couples will have the chance to talk about issues such as those you discussed in the FOCCUS instrument.


7. Early on in the process, the priest will also give you information about planning your ceremony — if both partners are practicing Catholics, they normally celebrate a Nuptial Mass. Otherwise, they may celebrate the Wedding Liturgy by itself. All Catholic weddings, unlike civil ceremonies. must follow Church guidelines regarding music, readings, etc. If some of the items you wish are not permitted in a Church liturgy. you may wish to include them as part of your reception (e.g., favorite songs).


8. Several months before your wedding. you should speak with our music director, Ms. Teresita Santisteban, after one of her Sunday Masses, so that she can schedule both an organist and a cantor for your ceremony. Like many parishes, we only use our own music ministers for all weddings here at OLM. If you have a friend or relative who wants to do music for your special day, they can of course do so at your reception. Teresita will arrange to meet with you after one of the noon Masses to go over to the Parish Center and discuss music options together.


9. At least one month before your wedding, you need to send a check for $1,000.00 to the rectory, made out to OL.M Parish. This one thousand dollars covers the cost of the music ministers, both altar servers, our wedding coordinator, church donation, set up, clean up and priest.


10. A few weeks before your wedding, you will meet with the priest to finalize details about your ceremony: who walks in when, which Bible readings you have selected, etc. Your marriage license should be given to the priest one week before your wedding.


As the day draws near...

Please ask your wedding party to arrive at least 30 minutes early for both the rehearsal and the wedding— due to other parish commitments we absolutely must start on time, and you will not want to have your ceremony rushed or cut short. Also, please ask your guests not to litter our Church property with flower petals, rice, confetti or other items. This creates a real hazard (people slipping on the rice and breaking a hip!) and it makes a mess of the church for those who will be coming in after you Flower girls may carry flower baskets in the procession, but they may not throw petals on the carpeting.


We know from long experience that you have many details to take care of, and many rules and regulations to contend with, but we also hope that in the midst of all this you will grow closer to each other and to the Lord. Our prayer for you is peace in the midst of all the work you have to do, joy and laughter as you move toward your big dav. and God's blessing on the family you begin through this sacred ceremony. The core of all vour hard work is. of course, you. your love for one another, your faith in God, and the presence of Jesus Christ in your marriage and in your lives forever. God bless you!


For additional information about the official marriage policy for Catholics in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, please go to


Important Note:

If you are getting married at a parish OTHER than Our Lady of Mercy, the official policy here in the Archdiocese of San Francisco states:


The parish where the wedding takes place will be responsible for taking care of the marriage preparation process which includes:

  1. Preliminary sessions with the priest deacon or marriage minister;

  2. Assessment of their readiness for marriage and their levels of faith;

  3. Participation in the parish marriage preparation program or Engaged Encounter;

  4. Completion of the necessary documents


If a parish other than that of the bride or groom makes their church available for the wedding, they thereby accept responsibility for the ENTIRE marriage preparation. The Cathedral of St. Mary's is considered an exception to this policy.


Naturally, if you are a parishioner at OLM but will be exchanging your vows in a different state or country. We will be happy to take care of everything you will need to get ready for your happy day.

Our Lady of Mercy Parish

1 Elmwood Drive, Daly City, CA 94015

Phone: 650-755-2727

Fax: 650-755-6704

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