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Clubs provide a fun, safe and constructive environment for kids and teens during out-of-school hours. Community-based and led by OLM parents.  They offer programs and services to help young people succeed in school, develop leadership skills, and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Art and Essay Contest 

Art in Action 

OLM’s Art In Action Program provides a high quality,

comprehensive K-8 arts curriculum. Students learn about

works of art from cultures around the world, how to look

at art using art vocabulary and concepts, and how to

express themselves by creating their own unique

masterpieces. The program is supported by training

classes and online resources, introducing and reinforcing

concepts through the program levels and gives students

a solid foundation in drawing, painting, and sculpture

techniques. The multifaceted lessons develop student’s critical-thinking skills, creativity, visual literacy,

self-esteem, and an appreciation of other cultures. The Art In Action Program is taught by classroom docents and parent volunteers and they help the students understand each masterpiece, and transitioning from discussion of the masterpiece to demonstration of the project. At the end of the school year, the students take pride in showcasing their masterpieces!

2019 Art In Action Art Gala

Athletics: Sue Noma and Dana Sargenti 

Band: Mr. McClanahan



Boys/Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Daisies

Boy Scout Troop 343 is an established non-profit organization at Our

Lady Of Mercy beginning school year 2017-2018 with over 59 years of

service. Recognized by the San Francisco Bay Area Council, San Francisco

Elks Lodge #3, and a former long-time resident of Saint Thomas More and

now a resident at Our Lady Of Mercy School and Parish.  We are proud to

serve our Our Lady Of Mercy Community. We are an inclusive Boy Scout

Troop, with representation from all over the greater Peninsula;  San

Francisco, Daly City, Colma, South San Francisco, Brisbane and San Bruno.

Currently on our roster, we have over 45 active Scouts, 14 Scoutmasters

along with the support of every scout's immediate and extended families.


Our activities include the following at OLM throughout the year:

  • Weekly Monday meetings 7:30 to 9pm

  • Monthly Sunday Committee meetings 7:30 to 9pm

  • Eagle Service Parish Center Garden restoration (Lead by John Regidor 12/23/17)

  • Simbang Gabi Fellowship (December 2016)

  • Veterans Day Flag Ceremony and Service Monday prior to 11/11

  • Memorial Day Flag Ceremony and Service Monday prior

  • Monthly activities which includes campouts, hikes and outings 


For more information which includes a more comprehensive calendar of events, visit our
website at

Concert choir
Click here to view Christmas Program 2017 with Mr. Dilig

Drama Club

This program is a process-oriented after school program in which students rehearse

and perform ascripted play. Students in Drama Club learn the basics of stagecraft,

self-discipline and the importance of hard work, creativity and imaginative play,

listening and observation skills and self-confidence. Our students enjoy the rewards

that come with working together to achieve a common goal.

Field Trip

Speech Club

Ukulele "U" Club

Open doors for students wishing to pursue music further. Students explore

elements of music including melody, harmony, rhythm, form, dynamics and tone.

Areas of skill include singing, picking, strumming, ear training, sight-reading,

improvising, harmonizing and more. Our Ukulele Club Program molds the

lessons of the past with a vision for the future!

Visual Arts

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