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Principal's Letter to Prospective Families

Dear Prospective OLM Family,


Welcome to Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School! Thank you very much for taking the time to get to know our school as you make an important decision for your child. As a parent myself, I have much appreciation for all that you do as you find the best school for your child.


Serving the faithful community for over 65 years, OLM remains committed to providing all our students a Catholic faith-based, rigorous academic program aligned with the California State Standards, which includes the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. All members of our instructional team are engaged in continuous professional development as we strive to deliver high-quality, student-centered, joyful learning experiences in all our classrooms.


Our students have not only done well academically but have excelled in the various co- curricular activities that we offer. Our students participate in our excellent Athletic programs that have produced fine athletes over the years. We provide our students opportunities to develop their fine arts skills, both visual and performing. We believe that the students, to be successful, are able to handle and balance their curricular and co-curricular activities.


We take pride in the work that we do in Religious Education and Faith Formation. Religion, as a class, is a core subject that every student takes at OLM. The instruction that we provide establishes a strong foundation of their understanding of our faith. As a school, we have yearlong Faith Formation activities that beautifully complement our students’ religious studies. It is important for us that we establish a tight home-school connection.


Your participation in the education of your child is key to his / her success with us. OLM is so blessed to have parents who have been very supportive of each other and the school. Their presence and support to the school and the parish have been immense and have provided our students lots of great programs.


As you tour our campus, we will be happy to answer questions that you may have. You may also want to go to our website at for more information about our school. As with many parents who have come and visited the school for the first time, we are confident that you, too, would feel the warm Bulldog spirit as you walk along our hallways. While our tour guide(s) does an excellent job all the time, I will make myself available to speak with you should you have questions for me.


You are welcome to email me as well at  Wishing you and your family God’s loving blessings today and always!


Jeffrey T. Burgos


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